Technology stories

This is a sample of the hundreds of consumer tech news, reviews and features I’ve written, mostly for Stuff and T3 but also for The Guardian, Mail on Sunday, BA High Life and Future Publishing’s tech magazines.

Stories for Stuff

Green gadgets roundup [page one, two]

+ A whole lot more that needs to be scanned

The Guardian

Not so safe and sound: Samsung v Apple

Will Nokia kill off video calls?

Garden gadgetry, including a robot lawnmower

10 technologies of tomorrow [page one, two, three]


Goodbye DVDs [page one, two, three]

Sat nav versus maps: The Belgian Job [page one, two, three, four, five]

Trilobite robot vac review

N-Gage QD review

Mail on Sunday

A PC for every occassion [page one, two, three]

BA High Life

Digital music in St Lucia [page one, two]


Monthly gadget roundup (ran for 6 months)

Official Xbox Magazine

In-depth feature on the launch of Xbox Live [page one, two, three, four]

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